Right now many people I know are being forced to spend time at home. Whether you are working from home due to quarantine or because you choose to, there are some tips that can help. Working at home with kids doesn’t have to be a trial of patience and tears. Let’s figure out how to make it easier for both you and your kids.

Strategies to Implement

Here are some super important strategies you should consider. Strategies help us make sense of our world and ensure our realities align with future expectations. Make sure your future goals are supported by the strategies you adopt.

Working at Home with Kids: 15 Tips to Triumph. Working at home with kids doesn't have to be a trial of patience and tears. Let's figure out how to make it easier for both you and your kids.
  • Get Organized – Consider time blocking or using the rock pebbles sand method. When you are working at home with kids you need a strategy and process, organization helps with this.
  • Make a Schedule – Both for yourself and your kids. This will give everyone an idea of what is coming next and keep you on track.
  • Set realistic expectations – Don’t expect you are going to get everything you want to accomplish done on Monday. Be realistic about interruptions, other commitments, and needs of your family members.
  • Set boundaries – This is especially important for older children who can self entertain. Ensure they know what is and is not acceptable at all times of the day.
  • Have emergency entertainment plans – Small children need a lot of encouragement and redirection. Make sure you have some quick to grab and entertain kits set up.
  • Be flexible – If something comes up, try to go with it and be flexible when possible. You will be less likely to deal with meltdowns and frustration on both sides if you can accommodate things and be flexible.
  • Meal Plan – I hate spending time thinking about what to make for dinner. Save time and frustration by having a plan in place ahead of time.
  • Repurpose content – When in a pinch go back and find old content you can repurpose and use over and over again. Maybe a new graphic or a new take on something will spark even more ideas.
  • Batch work – Need to make 20 graphics? Do them all together. This saves time as you are already in your program and can just quickly put them together. Use this for other things such as writing, social media, planning, etc.
  • Get enough Sleep – REST is so important to maintaining a happy and healthy body when working at home with kids. Make sure you are getting enough and your kids are getting their fair share too!

Things to have on hand when Working at Home with Kids

  • Headphones – For you and them… It’s annoying to hear that tv show over and over again, but it’s annoying when your kids have to hear your webinars, meetings or coaching sessions too.
  • Art supplies – Make sure you have plenty of arts and crafts supplies on hand. Quickly printing coloring sheets or giving my child a set of directions to make something has saved me more than once.
  • Movies – I certainly don’t condone tv or movies all the time, but in moderation, a movie can be a great learning opportunity or way to entertain.
  • Puzzles – Great for all ages and really helpful for small children to learn small motor skills.
  • Timers – Getting children to do things for small amounts of time has been very successful here. Let’s just pick up for 10 minutes, Work on homework for 30 minutes, or take a walk outside for 20 minutes are things you will hear from us almost every day.

Make sure you are taking care of yourself. Find time to take a walk, get away from others, or simply do something you enjoy. Don’t ignore the fun and flexibility you can use to your advantage. Learning isn’t all about the classroom, find ways to get your children involved.


The biggest thing you can do to ensure success while you are working at home with kids is to maintain a positive mindset. There are so many reasons to be frustrated and you will find them all if you try. Instead, challenge yourself to only acknowledge the positives you are dealing with right now.

Working at Home with Kids: 15 Tips to Triumph 2

Staying positive all the time is impossible, but you can change your mindset to be more positive in your everyday interactions. Join our challenge to create a more positive YOU!

What tips do you have for working from home with kids? Come on over and share them with me on my Facebook Business Page.

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