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Balancing work, kids, significant others and every other mundane thing that comes up is at times super overwhelming. So why is time management important? Because it gives us control over things we otherwise feel helpless about.

Learning how to balance time isn’t easy, but it is a skill everyone can learn. Once you feel like you can effectively balance your time, you will start to feel more in control of your life. There is very little more important than perfecting balance and the ability to feel in control of your own destiny. These are the real reasons we are striving to answer the question “Why is Time Management Important?”

Types of Time Management

There are several different types of Time Management styles. The most popular is Time Blocking. Another semi-popular time management method is called Rocks, Pebbles, Sand. Both of these are popular because almost anyone can use them. They are both easy to adopt and straight forward, so they require less thinking to get started.

Time Blocking is basically a process of blocking off chunks of time you put aside for specific things. It may be an hour to make a craft project, time to take kids to activities or 2 hours to do laundry. If you don’t get it done in that time block you simply move on to the next thing and come back to it when your next block is set aside for that activity.

Rocks, Pebbles, and Sand is a method in which you identify how important things are to you. If they are super important they are rocks, important but less important are Pebbles and sand is everything else. You go through your items in order of importance making sure you do your rocks first. As time allows you to get activities identified as pebbles and sand completed.

Time Management Tools

Learn about why time management is important to balancing personal, business, and life aspects. Learn to be in control.
Learn how you can balance your time!

Knowing the answer to “Why is Time Management Important?” doesn’t actually help us manage our time. In order to do that we need tools to help us balance and enact our time management techniques. Many people will use a planner to help them get started.

My favorite planners are those by Day Designers. These planners are affordable, come in a variety of designs, and are perfect if you are just getting started. If you want to see some other popular planners check out this article on the ones I consider the best.

Another tool I think everyone should be using is Trello. Trello is an amazing asset to keeping organized. Having Mobile apps and customizable boards and lists make it easy to manage all aspects of your life.

Be Productive

No matter what tool you are using, ensuring your time management is productive is what you are really aiming for. Being busy isn’t always the same as being productive. Don’t fall into the trap of running around and not getting anything done.

You can’t ever feel accomplished if you aren’t taking active steps towards productivity. This can be hard in our never-ending struggle to get everything done. In order to help you be efficient, we’ve created an ebook Tips for Staying Productive just for you! Use code CHAOS to get it for FREE!

Why is Time Management Important?

Learning to control what you can and maximizing your time is an important life skill. You will feel better because you are accomplishing the tasks needed. Having great time management allows you to balance the activities that are important and create systems you can utilize.

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