Manifest has definitely become a buzzword of epic proportions. I’ve heard this word thrown around as if you can just decide to manifest a new life, new family, new future. Well newsflash, it’s not quite that easy. So what does manifest mean? Most of the time it’s referring to the ability to speak to the universe and set yourself on a path to achieve your goals.

Now don’t get me wrong I believe in the power of manifestation but when I hear people throw this word around like air we breathe I get a little concerned. You aren’t going to instantly be rich overnight (unless you win the lottery), whatever you are trying to accomplish is going to take work. However, we can manifest what we want by believing in a vision, working hard, and staying positive.


Being grateful for what we have makes what we have enough.

I love this quote because it’s impossible to be caught in a cycle of negativity and failure while being grateful and manifesting a better future. You need to ensure you are grateful for the joys and blessings you do have in your life. They help set your path for the future.

So what does manifest mean? One interpretation is being full of gratitude so you can be happy. It may be simplistic in nature, mansions abound, or feelings and intangible emotions. It doesn’t matter what you are grateful for, just that you recognize it and declare it.

Make Your Choice

Now that you know the answer to what does manifest mean? You need to put it into practice. Choose something you really want and declare it to the universe. If you are like – uh yeah crazy lady, I don’t think so. That’s ok, start small. Pick something you really really want, and tell someone or write it down. Then wait and see what happens.

If you are truly ready, grateful, and dedicated to what you declare, you will manifest it. It may not be today or tomorrow, but you will accomplish great things. Trust me, I didn’t believe in this at first either. Put reminders of what you are trying to manifest around you so you are reminded about what you are working towards.

My Story – Why I believe

In early 2018 I met someone who I would later realize changed my life. I took a class and she was the instructor. It was a class I took where I actually knew the content but needed someone to just nudge me a little to follow my dreams.

What does Manifest Mean?
Most of the time it's referring to the ability to speak to the universe and set yourself on a path to achieve your goals.

In June of 2018, I met this great lady at a conference we both attended. She actually spoke at the conference about vision boards and that is where I learned my answer to the question “What does manifest mean?”. She led us through a vision exercise that helped continue to shape and change a path I had started on already but hadn’t had the clarity to realize.

I instantly clicked with this leader despite some differences. She’s a mom to younger children, I have a teenager. I live in Wisconsin and she lives in Canada. She’s shy, quiet, and enjoys a good cup of tea. Me… yeah I’m none of those things and need my coffee to survive.

After I talked to this lady I said to myself, someday I am going to work with her and help her teach the courses and things she believes in. I declared it to the universe. We kept in touch and started working on small projects together. In early 2019, I began working with her in a more formal capacity that has led to a lot of interlinked opportunities for both of us.

In Early 2019 I went to a blogging retreat where I continued to solidify my manifestation. I believed so much in what I was thinking; that I had a symbol tattooed on me that represented us both. This tattoo became my reminder of the opportunities I had been given by meeting and allowing her to be part of my life.

I could not have accomplished what I have without some manifestation. There were a series of events that spanned over the past 2 years that lead us on our individual journeys with overlapping roads. Some of those things happened due to new jobs, friendships gained and lost, late nights, zoom calls, crying and laughing over kids and husbands, conferences, mindset issues, and a blogging retreat. All of these things combined to get us where we are today.

So What Does Manifest Mean?

Manifest means to display or show. Go out and display and show what you want. Figure out your goals, work hard to achieve them. Put in the work, be positive, and show gratitude for what you have.

Are you ready to embrace manifestation and your future vision board? I believe you will find more success than even you can imagine right now. Plus what do you have to lose? Go ahead, click and see if you can change your life.

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