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If you are using Tailwind to automate your Pinterest Strategy, then you have probably heard about Tribes. Now hearing about them and knowing how to use them are two very different things. After all, what are Tailwind Tribes?

Understanding Pinterest

Before you can use Tailwind effectively you need to have some good foundations set on Pinterest. The most important thing is understanding how to use Pinterest Boards to your advantage. Additionally, make sure your Pinterest account has been optimized for business.

Once you have ensured your Pinterest is all set up, it’s time to use fancier tools to help you automate things. Automation is great because it will free up your time. There are two very popular tools for Pinterest. The first is Planoly and the second is Tailwind. I prefer to use Tailwind and one of the features included are Tailwind Tribes.

What are Tailwind Tribes?

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Simply put, Tailwind tribes are a group of people who share a common interest and therefore will share each other’s pins to cross-promote content. Tailwind Tribes are similar to group boards in that everyone who belongs to the tribes shares their content with the Tribe. The tribe members then share that content. As a good tribe mate, you will also share other tribe members’ content with your audience.

The advantage of sharing content in tribes is that you are more likely to get your information in front of additional people and may increase the chances that your ideal client will find you. Sharing your content becomes an important part of your Pinterest Strategy.

Additional Tribe Advantages

Another advantage of being in tribes is that they allow you to keep track of others in your niche. Researching others to ensure you are offering quality products is important in business. Having the ability to review others’ content and what is being shared can help you determine your own content strategy.

How to Pick out Good Tribes

Now that you know what Tailwind Tribes are, you must be asking yourself how you pick out a good one. There are many things you can review and look at to help you make good tribe decisions. Want to learn about what I look at when picking out a tribe? Get the video to help guide you through what I look for in Tailwind Tribes.

Conclusion – What are Tailwind Tribes?

I hope this article helped you answer the question What are Tailwind Tribes? Tailwind is a very powerful tool that many are not fully utilizing for their Pinterest accounts. I would love to have you follow me on my Facebook Business Page to get tips on Pinterest and Tailwind to help you achieve business success.

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