Many people who create amazing creations on their own or are Etsy shop owners and people who are in Direct Sales businesses are looking for vendor and craft shows to display their products. Sometimes finding vendor events can be stressful. Here we will break it down and try to make it easier for you!

After selling with two different direct sales companies and helping my mother in law with her ceramics business, I’ve found some tips that helped me I want to pass onto you. These events are great ways to showcase your products.

Search on Facebook

Facebook is a wealth of information. Almost every state and area across the United States has a local group for vendor events. Beyond that check out the community groups you are in. Building relationships with those who live near you will help you find events and new customers.

Talk to Event Organizers

Wondering how you can find some amazing vendor events? After years of experience here are some of my tips to get you the perfect events!

Another one of the ways to find vendor events is to talk to event organizers. Think about the local community events you have attended in the past.

Even if these were at a different time of the year than what you are looking to schedule, reach out to that event organizer. They are maybe planning another event or know who is currently planning events in your community.

Look for Holiday Vendor Events

My favorite type of vendor event is those geared towards holidays. There are so many that you probably are missing because you just didn’t think to look for them. Do some searching for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, 4th of July, etc. Hopefully, you get the idea and can find some local events geared towards holidays.

Even if you don’t find the event you were expecting you may find other networking opportunities. Don’t let something pass you by because it doesn’t fit exactly what you are looking for. Sometimes it’s more about who you know than what you know.

Non Profits

Talk to your favorite non-profit in the area. They are always looking for ways to raise funds, which is another one of the ways you can find vendor events. Many of them know about the local events, and if you want to build a relationship, you could donate a portion of your proceeds to a great cause.

Don’t forget about their sponsored events such as running, shelter events, shop, and sip, etc. See if they have a vendor area or if not, if you can set up at one of these events to sell your items.

Ask Other Vendors

Ask vendors who are at shows if they are part of any groups or if they know any event organizers. Many of your best resources are going to be others who are selling and already attending or are well established in your community.

Wondering how you can find some amazing vendor events? After years of experience here are some of my tips to get you the perfect events!

Keep in mind that while we all love to attend and want to be the one representing our company, these events won’t just fall into your lap. You have to go out and be willing to work for curating those relationships and attending those events. These are only a few of the many ways to find Vendor Events in your area.


In this article we covered some of the more popular ways to find vendor events. Another popular way to promote your products and have parties on Facebook. Check out these Facebook Party games for your next online adventure.

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