TWTR –  Twitter for business is one of the most underutilized Social Media platforms for Direct Sellers, bloggers, and Small business owners. With more than 330 million users per month, it ranks higher than Pinterest and Reddit.

When looking at Social Media users, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube all outrank Twitter, but it comes in next, making it very powerful. To take advantage of this seemingly untapped market, you need to set some Twitter goals. Before we get into goals, let’s figure out exactly what Twitter is.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a Social Media platform that originated in 2006. This platform is unique in that it allows you short sentences to share your thoughts combined with a hashtag in a live feed environment. Twitter is primarily a Social Media platform that enables 140 character micro-blogging bursts. So it’s like combining the best of Instagram with the best of Facebook feeds.

You need to have a twitter account to use this platform. If you don’t already have an account head on over to and sign up, while you are there, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.

How to set Twitter Goals

Twitter (TWTR) Goals are essential to helping you determine what is working with your social media strategy and what is not. Setting up twitter goals is like setting up goals in anything. It would be best if you decided what you want out of the platform before posting. 

Reviewing your Twitter Analytics (which we will talk about in a moment) will help you determine where to focus your energy. Most people are focused on increasing followers at first. However, I will caution you that quality and loyal followers are far more critical than the number you will see. After all, if no one engages in your content, it really won’t help you long term.

Some Examples to consider:

  • Followers
  • Mentions
  • Retweets
  • Visits
  • Leads
  • Sales

All of these things are measurable, which is very important when picking out your Twitter Goals. So pick a couple and set a timeline for them. Then write them down and check on them to see if you are on track to meet them. If you are not on track, then reassess your strategies and determine what you need to change to reach your goal.

Best ways to use Twitter for business

There are many ways to use Twitter for your business.

  • Live Sales
  • Videos of products
  • Marketing
  • Promotional Materials
  • Twitter Chats

Twitter Analytics

Like most social media platforms, Twitter has analytics available to you. These allow you to review your tweets, your audience, and determine what has worked and what has not. It is essential to analyze your account to determine if you are meeting your Twitter goals or if you should try to focus on another area.

Check out your Twitter Analytics at and sign in with your Twitter account.

Twitter (TWTR) Do’s

  • DO find followers, by creating authentic posts and seeing people of like-minded interests.
  • DO use hashtags. The hashtag (#) symbol helps you get your tweet seen by others with common interests. This impressive little mark allows you the opportunity to tag topics, essential events, or keywords in your tweet (update).
  • DO use trends to your advantage, especially if you are using Twitter for sales or gaining followers for your small business. You want to make sure you stay up to date on what is trending and when.
  • DO Mention someone of interest. Use the @ symbol in front of a name or follower tags that particular person/business in your tweet, allowing you to tag them. Mentioning someone can be advantageous but don’t overuse it or annoy your followers either.
  • DO retweet other twitter users thoughts, accounts, or perceptions to your followers. Retweeting will look like your tweets but will give credit to the original author. Retweeting also assists with your credibility. 
  • DO like other twitter posts you enjoyed reading. Liking tweets from others allows you to let them know you liked their tweet or thought.
  • DO download the mobile app for your phone. Utilizing the Mobile app will allow you to tweet more often, and as things happen.
  • DO get comfortable. Remember that like most social platforms, the more you use it, the more you will utilize all of its features and be satisfied with it.

TWTR – Twitter DO NOT’s

  • DO NOT go over 140 characters of text. I mean the platform won’t let you, but you should be aware of this limitation right off the bat.
  • DO NOT use trends blindly. Make sure you search for the popular hashtags before blindly applying them. Sometimes things mean something other than what they first appear to suggest. Make sure you want that associated with you.
  • DO NOT randomly start adding everyone in the twitter world to your account. Remember you want people to follow you whom you want to be your friend. So whether this is your account or a business account, be selective about whom you want to see.

In Conclusion

Don’t forget to come and follow me over on Twitter for more great tips for success! If you are interested in learning more Twitter (TWTR) strategies to help you succeed; consider our Twitter Training for Direct Sales / Small Business and Blogging success.

Figuring out what tasks are actually priorities will help you manage your time most effectively. This is harder than it sounds. That is why I’ve created a workbook to help you figure this all out. Let’s get your actual business and life priorities straightened out.

How to set your Twitter Goals for Success 2
How to set your Twitter Goals for Success

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