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I recently found some easy and effective ways to use Trello for Business that I want to share with you. Do you wish you had a way to stay organized? Find yourself asking what you need to get done? Have 1,000’s of post-it notes or lists laying around? If you said yes then you work very similar to me. Read more down below on how can get Trello working for you.

Customer Follow Up

One of the things I used to struggle with was my customer follow up. I now practice two strategies that help me tremendously with keeping up to date with my follow up practices. First I automate many of my funnels. One of the first things to automate is your email welcome sequence that gives your new and potential customers more information about the products and services you offer.

Second, I use Trello boards to keep track of specific or special events that I need to follow up with someone on. By creating a board, a quick list of what I’m following up on and using due dates I am sure I won’t miss an opportunity again. Some ways you could use this would be to keep track of your top 10 customers, birthday’s, or people who asked you to follow up with them at a specific date/month later in the year.

Come and learn how you can implement and utilize Trello for business. These helpful and easy strategies can change your business and get you organized.
Effective and Easy Ways to use Trello for Business

Organize Projects

One mistake people make in business is they think of projects as if they only apply to major situations. This becomes limiting. Projects can be anything from product launches, collaborations, social media content, or a series of blog posts. Trello can be used for any of these things.

I frequently use team boards for collaborations with others. The ability for more than one person to be updating the board, lists, and cards at the same time makes it easy to brainstorm. I’ve been on several business calls watching the Trello boards get filled in and tasks assigned based on conversations happening.

Make sure you are considering all types of projects no matter how big or small when setting up your Trello for business practices. Getting a good strategy and organization methods in place can save you so much time and energy.

Weekly/Monthly Lists

All of us have daily, weekly, and monthly things we need to ensure get done. From reports to client meetings to maintenance items. Trello is a great way to keep track of all of those things. You can recreate lists, and reuse them over and over again. This saves time and makes assigning tasks and items in your business easier than ever.

Come and learn how you can implement and utilize Trello for business. These helpful and easy strategies can change your business and get you organized.
Trello for Business

Goal Tracking

Do you have yearly, monthly, weekly or daily goals? If you don’t already have some established you really need to set some SMART goals. Using Trello for business helps you establish your goals and track them. That way if you need to adjust or create new goals you have a place to track them all.

Do you want to start tracking your goals? I have got you covered! Get organized and know what you are working so hard for. Click the link to get your FREE Trello Template!

Business Strategy

Having a solid business strategy as the foundation of your business is critical. This includes your branding strategies, social media, and having a fully baked mission statement. All of these are on my Trello boards where I can read them, keep track of colors and fonts, and ensure I’m organized when posting across Social Media.

There are many components to having a solid business strategy and this article really isn’t all about those. It’s about how you can use Trello for business. Creating boards and lists specific to your strategies, identifying gaps, and working towards filling those are all ways you can utilize Trello.

One of my favorite things about Trello is that it is so customizable. You can make it work for you vs trying to learn an overly complicated system that just isn’t how you work.

Trello for Business Conclusion

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I believe that those who embrace utilizing Trello for their direct sales, small business, or blog will find it life-changing. It’s so much easier to manage time when you know exactly what needs to be done. Using tools that you can connect to others with and being able to customize it just makes it more powerful.

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