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Pinterest is one of the main drivers of my blog traffic, and I use Tailwind to schedule all of my Pins. Additionally, since I offer Pinterest Management Services I use Tailwind to schedule all of my client’s posts too.

One of my favorite things about Tailwind is that I can plan out a ton of content in one sitting. Not only will Tailwind publish my Pins at the best times for my audience, but with Tailwind Create, I can now create & publish my Pins all in one place!

*Tailwind Create will be an additional fee and pricing is subject to change.

Features of Tailwind Create

Design new pins for pinterest with Tailwind Create in just a few minutes

Here’s what I love (Pros):

  • Each design was built with Pinterest’s creative best practices in mind – and they’re beautiful.
  • Every image is unique and made just for you. I love that you can upload images that match your branding or use their stock photo options.
  • You can pick from hundreds of templates and personalize them.
  • You don’t have to have any design experience to look like a PRO. My pins are not made by a designer but with Tailwind Create you would never know that.
  • Since automation is kinda my jam, this is a great tool to have in my pocket. There is nothing more satisfying than streamlining processes. This tool gives you the ability to do just that.
  • Save and apply your brand preferences, but you can always switch it up with different styles and fonts if you want. I love palettes!
  • It shows me designs I might not have thought of or that I normally gravitate towards.

Here’s what I hate (Cons):

  • That this wasn’t available sooner! I have invested so much money in templates, graphic programs that I really wish Tailwind Create had been made years ago.

How can you sign up?

Do you already have a Tailwind account?

If you do then click on Tailwind create from the left hand side navigation and you can start creating!

Don’t have a Tailwind account already?

No worries sign up at Tailwind for your FREE trial (good for 100 scheduled pins!). Just remember that if you want to use Tailwind for Instagram and Pinterest that they are separate paid subscriptions.

How do I use Tailwind Create?

Access Tailwind Create from the left hand side of your Tailwind dashboard.

Then on the next screen enter in:

  • Destination Link
  • Pin Title
  • Upload any images you want to use
Design New Pins for Pinterest

Then click on “create images”

On the next page you will have a LOT Of options to pick from. This is the design settings page where you can optimize your colors, images, fonts, CTA’s and so so much more.

Tailwind Create customize design settings

Once you have found the options you want to create, click on Select under the pins you want made. Then pick “Go Schedule” from the bottom right hand corner.

This will put your images right into the draft mode in Tailwind. Scheduling from there is easy peasy!

Wrapping Up

I am so happy that I found this new beta feature. I’ll never waste another minute downloading, organizing, or uploading my Pins! While I love Tailwind and have seem amazing results, you need to know what to expect for typical results.

If you haven’t already please pick up your Pinterest Strategy Guide. This guide will help you identify trends, give you content suggestions, & set you up to be successful on that platform.

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