Have you noticed the world is becoming more auditory?

The popularity of podcasts drastically changed our use of audio in business. Over the last several years, we have seen video content through YouTube, and Facebook becomes even more popular. The explosion of Clubhouse brought a new perspective to a version of talk radio.

Now it appears Facebook wants to add a new take on audio. They introduced Soundmoji’s.

What are Soundmoji’s?

This new feature is a fun way to spice up your messages. Soundmoji allows you to send short sound clips with your emoji. Not all emojis have sounds attached to them, but there is a decent selection in their sound library.

Some examples of sounds they used:

  • Singing
  • Animal sounds
  • Drum Roll
  • Applause
  • Laughing

How do I use Soundmoji?

The Soundmoji feature really only works on mobile. When I sent messages testing this out, the desktop version didn’t display right. I can only assume this feature will be rolled out to browsers later.

You can access Soundmoji through Facebook Messenger. Click on the emoji icon and then the new sound tab. Select the new soundmoji to send to a friend. You can click on the icons in the list to preview what they play.

Try them out by sending me a message.

Why would I want to use Soundmoji?

 Did we just see a new revolutionary way to communicate, released? Have you heard or seen the new “Soundmoji” that Facebook Messenger has?

Soundmoji’s seem like they could be a lot of fun and could lead to more communication enhancements in the future. Do you think this is the start of new audio enhancements on other platforms?

Admittedly, I’m not a fan of GIFs, and so I think the rollout of new sounds will likely annoy me more than provide enjoyment. I did like going through and listening to them all once, but I mean, now I’ve heard them all.

Future options for other platforms?

I’m not sure these new sounds will be available across all messaging apps anytime soon, but we may see other platforms roll out something similar. This will be especially true if people embrace and start actively using them on the Facebook Messenger platform.

Wrap Up

While I certainly didn’t want new audio features, I will try and see if I like them. I can see how some would like audio options, but I doubt they will be as popular as some of the visual messenger features are today.

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