So is Pinterest Social Media? Business owners are told to use Pinterest as part of their social media strategy and promised tons of great organic traffic. Others use Pinterest to find aspects of a dream life. However, this got me thinking. Pinterest is so different from other platforms we consider to be social media, is it really a social media site?

Pinterest is very popular and a must for most small business owners. Which brings up a common question of Is Pinterest Social Media?

What is Social Media?

In it’s simplest definition Social Media is really a place that lets users share, create, and participate in Social Networking. Some of the most popular Social Media sites are Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. So let’s take a closer look at Pinterest to see if it fits this definition.

Is Pinterest Social Media?

Well, I can for sure tell you it’s not a site built on Social Networking. Pinterest had fundamentally distanced itself from other social networking sites. The company wants you to think of it as a place for inspiration, not necessarily as a sharing and networking site.

It’s really a search engine; You need to consider keywords, descriptions, and SEO optimization to be successful. It is really built more upon your activity and suggestions based on your past searches than any other Social Media site.

For example, if you go to Facebook or Instagram, you will find a newsfeed full of posts deemed popular among the groups and people you follow. Pinterest will give you a feed based on your past searches and trending topics on the platform. So at the very least, the algorithms that deliver your content are drastically different.

How to Use Pinterest

Pinterest for Personal Use

Using pinterest for personal use typically means you are searching for ideas, diy, or want to look at pretty things. None of these are bad reasons to use Pinterest. As a matter of fact many people enjoy searching for cabins in the woods, Christmas decorations they will probably never make, and super cute home designs.

Create boards to put in your favorites so you can share them with others. Have boards for those favorite meals you found so you can locate the recipe in the future. You are all set to have a great time on Pinterest using it for your personal pleasure. If you plan to use it for small business, there is a lot more strategy you need to consider. It’s not as simple as using Pinterest for personal use.

Pinterest Strategy for Business

Pinterest is very popular and a must for most small business owners. Which brings up a common question of Is Pinterest Social Media?

Using Pinterest for business is very different than using it for personal needs. If you are just searching for party tips, decorating, or gardening tips you are going to find some amazing ideas. But if you are using it for business, you really need to consider when to post, what to post, and where to post it. This is all in consideration of how your ideal client can find you, link back to your site, and purchase or get added to your email list.

There are a lot of different strategies you can use to manage your social media. One of the most important things to consider to be successful on Pinterest is your Board strategy. Ensuring you have the right boards, for the right pins, for the right people is essential. Determining how to name your boards is a critical part of this process.


So to answer the question “Is Pinterest Social Media?” Yes, Pinterest is a social media site. It’s just not a core social networking site. You should use it for business and for all those inspiring dream life ideas it generates.

If you haven’t already please pick up your Pinterest Strategy Guide. This guide will help you identify trends, give you content suggestions, & set you up to be successful on that platform.

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