Many entrepreneurs or small business owners have big scary dreams. It’s probably why they started their company, or are trying to make some extra cash. If it’s now why they got started, it is probably why they keep going. Read further to figure out how applying SMART goals for business can help you achieve the dreams you have.

Do you have a big scary dream? Even if you say no to that question, you really probably do. If you could do anything, have anything, work in any job/position what would it be? Think about the answers to these questions and figure out if you have a dream you really want to achieve.

A big scary dream is something you really want but are probably afraid to admit or tell others. Sometimes we refuse to acknowledge that dream because we think it will be impossible to achieve. If we tell someone or admit we have one then we are suddenly accountable to that goal and if we aren’t going to achieve it then we are a failure, and well no one wants to fail.

Well, I can tell you that if you aren’t working consciously towards your big dreams, they will never come true. So let’s figure out how you can make smart decisions and create goals to help you boost those dreams.

SMART goals for business - learn how it will boost your dreams.

What are SMART Goals?

SMART goals are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. This is really a method to use to ensure that you are setting yourself up to actually accomplish your goal. After all, what’s the point of a goal you can’t actually reach?

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If you are in business you want to ensure that your goals support your Business Vision Statement. Having goals is important, but in reality, they have to be part of your overall mission and vision in order to be effective.

How to Create SMART Goals for Business

The first step to having great SMART goals for business is ensuring they are very specific. For example, saying you want to retire rich is great, but what does rich mean? Give that a value so you know what you are working towards, in other words, be very specific.

Next, make sure you can measure your goal. Saying you want to learn more is not the same as saying you want to earn your Master’s Degree. Whatever you pick, make sure you can actually measure this goal. If you don’t how will you ever know you were successful?

Next, is your goal attainable? Saying you want to go to China is great but if you are not willing to get a passport this would not be an attainable goal. Make sure you are not setting yourself up for failure from the beginning.

Is your goal really relevant? Does this goal support your dream? Your passion? Your Paycheck? Or is it just something you think you should have as a goal? We don’t have time for things that are not relevant.

Last but not least, is this goal timely? Having long-term goals is great, but break them down so you have multiple checkpoints, and success stories, and you know exactly what you are working on right now.

Learn how to apply SMART goals for business to help you boost your dreams. Learn the importance of having goals you can measure and achieve.

Boost your Dreams

So how exactly do you boost your dreams using SMART goals for your business? You do this by knowing exactly what your dreams are and breaking those dreams down into SMART goals. Once you know what your SMART goals are you can write them down and start holding yourself accountable to achieving them.

Have a dream, create a goal, and then take action. This is the ultimate key to achieving your dreams. Believing in yourself, your mission and your purpose is the hardest thing you will do. However, once you achieve this you will reach far beyond anything you thought would be possible.

Other Business Resources

Other than having SMART goals for your business and a great business vision statement, you need to have tools that help you become successful.

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