It is no secret that small business owners are time-strapped. With so many different responsibilities, it can be hard to find the time to automate your business. You may have heard of certain tools and platforms that offer automation for free or at a low cost, but how do you know which one(s) will work for you? This blog post and short small business automation quiz will help you understand where to start with automating your business!

What is Automation:

Automated systems are designed to perform tasks without manual intervention after being triggered by an event or sensor input. Many people think about this in terms of robots that take over manual labor jobs; however, there are plenty of other examples such as email automation software, CRM software, and live chatbots.

Take this quick quiz to see what area of your business you should concentrate on automating.

Small Business Automation - Where to Start

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Small Business Automation Quiz Conclusion

The information in this quiz should have given you a bit more insight into what automation and areas you should work on for your business. It may be time to stop reading about it and start doing something! Take the quiz, and get started right away with resources designed for you. Don’t forget that we are here if you need help along the way – all of us at Inspire Kinney chaos want to see you succeed!

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