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If you are anything like me, you need to do what seems like a bazillion graphics modifications. I know I struggled with knowing how to go about resizing photos quickly with Canva. It always seems like you need a new graphic size for something.

I have found that I personally prefer to use Canva or my graphics. I just like the interface on Canva the most, so it’s the one I use. The release of Canva font effects has me even more strongly in the Canva camp.

However, I about drove myself crazy creating multiple graphics of basically the same image in different formats for the different social media platforms. Then I found a trick…

Resizing Photos quickly with Canva

Log into your Canva Account

I typically create my graphic as a Pinterest sized graphic first. This is purely personal preference you could start anywhere.

Once you are happy with your graphic, click on Resize in the upper left corner.

Canva Resizing photos
Resize button in Canva

Then check the boxes based on what size graphics you are trying to create in Canva. I typically create a Social Media graphic and a Facebook post graphic when I am resizing items. Social Media graphic gives the graphic a square shape which can then be used on Instagram as well.

Canva Resize Options
Canva Resize Options

Next, you are going to click on the little button that says “Resize” It used to have a wand and say “Abracadabra – Resize!” which I thought made using the feature way more fun – Wink ūüėČ

Canva will then open new tabs for each item size you picked. Boom! You just got done resizing photos!

Resizing photos and graphics to suit your needs is an easy and quick process when using Canva. take a look at how you can make your images any size.

Go to each tab that opened, adjust the font, graphics, or backgrounds slightly if needed. Then make sure you give your graphic a unique name, so you know why you created it.

I like to name mine all the same with a – at the end and some description. For example, Social Media Graphic – PIN, Social Media Graphic – Instagram, Social Media Graphic – FB. However, you can do whatever you find easiest.

Make sure you visit each tab and SAVE your images.

Then like magic! You have all the graphics you need!!!!

Resizing Wrap Up

In this article, we covered how to resize photos in Canva. This process is relatively easy and helps to create a multitude of images. Don’t spend hours needlessly recreating the same graphic when you can resize it.

Using templates to start with is a great way to keep your branding intact. When you are resizing photos, you won’t have to think about if it fits with your overall themes if you are using templates. If you don’t have some already for your business, grab the Free Pinterest Templates below to get you started.

Resizing photos quickly with Canva in 2 Steps 2

Do you struggle to maintain a consistent brand on Pinterest?

Want to ensure people recognize your Pins immediately?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then you need to be using consistent pin templates. 

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