Have you ever done something nice for someone? Maybe some random stranger was behind you at the coffee shop, and you paid for their drink? Perhaps you held a door open for a mom with a young child was walking into a store? All of these random acts of kindness make a difference.

Why do a Random act?

Have you ever done something nice for someone? I'm sure we all have. Doing some random acts of kindness are an easy way to spread happiness and joy.

We need more smiling in life. Especially when things are at their toughest. As the holiday’s approach we can make a positive change.

I see so many missed opportunities where people could be a small shinning star in someone else’s day. So I am challenging each of you to be a difference in someone’s life by doing random acts of kindness.

Here is 31 days’ worth of things you can do to brighten someone’s day.

Random Acts of Kindness

Have you ever done something nice for someone? I'm sure we all have. Doing some random acts of kindness are an easy way to spread happiness and joy.
  1. Do a chore for a family member.
  2. Pick up garbage that wasn’t yours.
  3. Let someone go in front of you in a line.
  4. Give a stranger a compliment.
  5. Send out a letter to someone who could use encouraging words.
  6. Hold open the door for someone.
  7. Donate a gift to a homeless shelter or family crisis center
  8. Drop off old clothes at a donation center.
  9. Bring in donuts (or veggies) for coworkers.
  10. Give a stranger a gift card.
  11. Spend time with a grandparent or elderly person.
  12. Write a kind word on a restaurant check.
  13. Pay for someone’s coffee or drive-thru meal.
  14. Send coloring books to a children’s hospital.
  15. Email someone about how awesome they are.
  16. Take a bouquet into a hospital and drop it off at a nurse’s station.
  17. Loan money to someone on Kiva.
  18. When someone makes something you liked to eat, ask for the recipe.
  19. Invite someone to share a meal with you.
  20. Leave a big tip.
  21. Write words of inspiration on the sidewalk or in the snow.
  22. Mail someone a postcard.
  23. Introduce yourself to someone new.
  24. Smile at everyone you see today.
  25. Hug someone.
  26. Donate food to the food pantry.
  27. Leave a book for someone to read.
  28. Make someone a handmade gift.
  29. Bake a treat for someone.
  30. Tell someone’s boss how much you appreciate them and what they are doing good at.
  31. Be Positive to yourself. Positivity: How it can change your life!

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. There are millions of things you can do to spread joy, happiness, and bring hope to someone who needs it. Our everyday attitudes would be very different if we all practiced random acts of kindness regularly.

Random Act Conclusion

So are you ready to go out and perform some random acts of kindness? It’s time to make the world just a little happier. Do your part and spread a little joy.

In addition to helping others something that has really helped me find happiness is setting goals, sticking to them, and the use of visualization (Like my vision board app) to remind me what I am working towards.

Do you want to start tracking your goals? I have got you covered! Get organized and know what you are working so hard for. Click the link to get your FREE Trello Template!

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