The most important thing you can do for your children is to teach them how to be confident. In this article, we will go over 2 life skills to raise confident children.

Children need to know how to make their own decisions, stand up to others, and surround themselves with people who help them. This process is no joke and can be so hard. Especially when it feels like I barely know what I’m doing.

2 Life Skills to Raise Confident Children 2

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Recently while I was at a retreat in Florida I had the opportunity to listen to a great speaker. Sandy Brantley shared her story of how her daughter was bullied.

Then she told us how her family worked with her daughter to overcome the horrible things she had been through. Through this experience, I learned there are 2 important life skills we need to raise confident children. Teaching them to make choices and letting them help even if they fail.

Raise Confident Children – Teach Them to Make Choices

If you encourage your child in a way that allows them to make decisions, you are teaching them to believe in their thought process. Now, this doesn’t mean they get to decide whatever they want. But if your daughter is asking for a snack you can give her a choice between carrots or apples.

You are giving her a choice and letting her make it, without saying something like you can only have something if it’s healthy. Those comments while not typically meant to be negative, can be construed as less than favorable.

Let Them Help, Even if They Fail

Now if you children are like mine, letting them help typically slows things way down. Sometimes it’s just easier to do it myself than to let them help. But doing everything for them is bad too. This doesn’t teach them how to gain these skills on their own.

2 Life Skills to Raise Confident Children

Learning how to fail gracefully is an important life lesson by itself. Combined with the will to keep trying things despite failure, may be the catalyst to their future success. In life and business, we forget that failure is an important part of the journey.

I’ve been with adults who can’t wash clothes because no one taught them and I sure don’t want my child to go through that.

Additionally, by letting your kid help you, you are showing them, it’s ok not to be perfect at something. Sometimes done is better than perfect; this can be one of those cases.

What now?

Hopefully this article gave you some insight on how you can help your children grow up and be confident, productive adults. I would love to hear back from you on how you can incorporate these tips into your lives.

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