If you are like most business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers, or side hustler, you are looking for simple ways to increase engagement for your business. Power words are a way you can do that! Learning the secrets to using them effectively can make things a whole lot easier.

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Persuasive Power Words

These words may seem little, but they are mighty. They will help you persuade people to do the things you want. Putting a focus on solving their needs and serving your ideal client.

  1. You – All about personalizing the content to your reader.
  2. Free – Admit it you love a good freebie.
  3. New – We like new shiny things.
  4. Instantly – Give it to me right now!
  5. Easy – We want simple, easy things in our lives.
  6. Proven – If we can’t get super easy, we want guaranteed results.
  7. Save – We all like to save, especially if it involves time or money.

Encourage Action and Engagement

Using words that delight and ask your reader to do something. Making a difference in the lives of your customer is what you are trying to accomplish. Power words help tell your ideal client how you will fix things for them. Ask them to do something to assist in making life easier or by providing a service or product to make things better.

  1. Purchase – Assistance is on the way if you leap to the purchase.
  2. Get Instant Access – We all want immediate results, instantly does that.
  3. Become a Member or Join Now – Encouraging your customer to join you as a reoccurring member or a part of your community.
  4. Share or Tell Me More – This encourages your reader to give you more details, and people like to provide you with information and opinions.
  5. Exclusive – It must be amazing if it’s exclusive!

Inspire Interest

Getting someone to glance at a graphic and click on it in 3 seconds is hard work. Getting their attention is what you are trying to do, though. You have a tiny window of time to grab someone’s attention and get them to do something. Use these words to inspire interest in what you have to offer.

  1. Imagine If – Inspiring people through positive experiences and thoughts helps grab attention.
  2. Learn More – Translating to click and read the full article will prompt people to click through.
  3. Special – Everyone wants a good deal! Specials are good deals!
  4. Bonus – Consumers equate this to free content and if I can get some I’m more likely to do something like give you an email address.
  5. Immediately – Again we want it right now, immediately gives us what we want right now.
  6. Together – Very few people want to learn or do things on their own. Together we can make a difference!
Learning the secrets to using Power Words effectively can make things a whole lot easier.

Go Use Power Words!

You will see some variation of these words and phrases used across content. Whether you are reading a blog article, sales page, textbook, or copy in a community; you will likely see some of these used. Promoting a sense of urgency, exclusivity, and highlighting what sets your products and services apart will attract people to you.

Hopefully, this article has helped you find ways to incorporate these words and phrases into your business. Providing good content, great service, and clarity on how to solve an issue will keep people coming back over and over.

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