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Planoly has been around for quite awhile, but was only used for Instagram. Today (September 24th, 2019) they announced their new product which integrates with Pinterest. Not only will Planoloy now post for Instagram but you can use their Planoly Pin Planner for Pinterest posts.

This new feature allows you to plan out your Pinterest content by planning and scheduling pins in advance. Planoly did announce an official partnership with Pinterest, which previously had only been granted to Tailwind. No automation tools replace a solid Pinterest board strategy. If you are just starting out with Pinterest for your business check out our FREE 5 Days to Optimize Pinterest and gain customers.

Planoly Pin Planner - the new way to pin to Pinterest.
Planoly Pin Planner

How does it work?

If you are familiar with Planoly for Instagram the new Pin planner looks very similar. There are three tabs for you to use. All of the graphics/pins show up in chronological order.

  • The Library is where any graphics you have added appear prior to you scheduling them.
  • Scheduled is where anything you have scheduled to post with Planoly shows up.
  • Published is any pins you recently published to Pinterest.
Screenshot of what the Planoly Pin Planner looks like using KinneyChaos account.
Planoly Pin Planner

Adding New Pins

  • To add a graphic that you can ultimately add as a pin, you simply click on the + at the top of the page to add to the library.
  • Next it will ask you to select a source – which is likely your computer.
  • Navigate to where you saved your graphic and Open (if you have a PC) to add it to your library.
  • These new graphics will then show up in your library as unscheduled pins.
Screenshot of unscheduled Pinterest pins using the new Planoly Pin Planner.
Unscheduled Pins in the Library
  • Click on the graphic you want to schedule.
  • Fill in the required content which includes the Pin title, URL, Description, Board you want to save it to, and date/time to pin.
  • Click on Save in the lower right hand corner and you have just planned your pin using Planoly.
Screenshot of what it looks like to schedule a pin using Planoly Pin Planner
Screenshot of Scheduling a Pin
Planoly Pin Planner 2

Pinterest Pin Templates!

Do you struggle to maintain a consistent brand on Pinterest?

Want to ensure people recognize your Pins immediately?

Need to save time creating new Pins?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then you need to be using consistent pin templates. 

Planoly Pricing and Plans – 4 Tiers

Planoly Pin Planner and the new way to schedule pins! #pinterest #socialmedia #marketing #automation
Use Planoly to Pin

The second option is the Solo which is $7 per month and again only allows you to connect 1 profile. You do however, get unlimited posts.

The third tier is called the Duo which is $15 per month. This is the first tier that allows you to connect more than one Social Media platform. The Duo does allow unlimited uploads as well.

The final and obviously most expensive starting at $15 is the Custom tier. There isn’t a lot of detail about what extra benefits you get at this level though. For a full break down of the Planoly pricing and other add on options and benefits for each tier they may have, please refer to their website.

Planoly Pin Planner First Impressions

Overall, I think that this is a great start for someone looking to just start out with Pinterest. It’s a lot less complicated than Tailwind and the interface is easy to use. Additionally, you get some basic analytics one each of your pins. If nothing else it allows you to schedule 1 or 2 pins per day of your own content for free if you aren’t using automation already.

I’ve been asked a few times today if this is a replacement for Tailwind. I don’t believe it is a replacement product at this time. The pricing is very similar and the big thing missing here that Tailwind has is the ability to schedule other people’s content.

If you haven’t already please pick up your Pinterest Strategy Guide. This guide will help you identify trends, give you content suggestions, & set you up to be successful on that platform.

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  1. This is very interesting and is nice for someone with a very tight budget just starting out trying to get their business off the ground…like me for instance. I think if you are just starting out, this is a great starting place and very affordable if you want to go to the first level past the free step. Thank you for this review. I may give it a try just to see how it works.

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