Pinterest as a consumer and Pinterest as a business owner, require two very separate strategies. After all, if you are browsing Pinterest imaging your best life, ever you probably don’t care who is following you and whether or not they share your content. As a business owner having a well thought out, Pinterest Marketing Strategy is key to bringing people to your products or services.

Understanding how Pinterest works will help you make the most of this fantastic search engine. This article will give you insight and Pinterest tips for making the best of your Pinterest Marketing Strategy, and you should be following me on Pinterest if you aren’t already.

If you haven’t already please pick up your Pinterest Strategy Guide. This guide will help you identify trends, give you content suggestions, & set you up to be successful on that platform.

Profile Set-Up Guide and Checklist

Pinterest Business Set up Guide Checklist to help you optimize your business strategy.

To help ensure you have set up your Pinterest Profile to maximize your Pinterest Marketing Strategy, I’ve created a handy checklist for you. Make sure you download yours today! Use this link to get it FREE!

Review your Pinterest name, about me section and confirm your website if you have one. Make sure you are keeping your keywords in mind as you want people to be able to search on Pinterest and find you.

Pinterest Tips – Claim your website

Claim website on pinterest using this plugin

Once you have successfully claimed your website any pins, you create from that site, include your profile picture added to them. Claiming your website helps with brand awareness and personal branding strategies. Besides, you get pin analytics. Claiming your website can help you gain powerful insight into what your followers like and want to see.

One of my favorite Pinterest Tips is using a plugin to claim your site. If you have a WordPress site, I recommend using Simple Site Verify. They make it super easy, and you can use it for a few different things.

Schedule your Pins Strategically

One of the most significant parts of your Pinterest Marketing Strategy is going to be the pins you add to your account. Make sure you spend time each week thinking through what you want to pin that will bring customers to your products.

Think about the time of year and trending topics that may drive more traffic to you. Make sure you supplement your pins with other people’s content. No one wants to follow a Pinterest profile that is all about self-promotion. Another way to ensure people recognize your pins is to use a consistent Pinterest Pin Template to create all of your original Pins.

Another one of our Pinterest tips is changing pin description when you repin. Changing pin descriptions is a strategic move. Your original pin already is being maximized for the best search results based on the original pin description and keywords. To hit a bigger, broader or different audience, you will want to change this if you repin something, so it gets to more people.

Consider your Pinterest Boards

Building a Pinterest Marketing Strategy is an important part of any small business plan. Use our Pinterest Tips to help introduce people to your business.

The next thing to consider is the Pinterest Boards your customer would be in search of or want. If you are a fashion blogger, you may want a board for tops, bottoms, and dresses. Additionally consider boards for florals, solids, stripes. You can and should pin the same content to each board you’ve created that it fits in.

Make sure your boards all have an excellent description, and your title is something consumers would be searching for. Think about the pain points your ideal client is trying to solve and gear your descriptions to help them solve those issues.

Consistency for Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Making sure you have a good hashtag strategy and pin consistently to further your Pinterest marketing strategy. A good rule of thumb when starting is to pin 20-30 pins per day with 50% of them being products or services that bring clients back to you. So your 50% of pins could be a mix of products and blog posts or other promotional content.

According to Pinterest, pinning with a scheduler such as Tailwind doesn’t hurt you. It’s still a good idea to visit Pinterest regularly so you can find new topics and engage with your audience. Using Tailwind helps make posting easy when you can take advantage of features such as Tribes, smart loops, and board lists.

One of our Pro Pinterest Tips: Using a scheduling tool helps make sure you pin randomly and not only in bursts, helps to ensure you are pinning what your followers are engaging on.

Keep in mind that your followers are more likely to see your pins, so if one day all they see is a bunch of stuff on a specific topic they could get annoyed and no longer interact with you. Scheduling your content can help with this drastically. Schedules will help spread those pins out and make it less spammy for your followers.

Another thing you need to consider when pinning is the timing of when your followers are most likely to be active. The more they interact with your pins, the more likely they will get shared. The more often they get disbursed, or the post is liked, the more they are prioritized across Pinterest.

Use Insights / Analytics

Building a Pinterest Marketing Strategy is an important part of any small business plan. Use our Pinterest Tips to help introduce people to your business.

Our last Pinterest tip is to use the business tools they have provided. As with insights on most platforms, Pinterest analytics helps you to understand when your audience is online and what they want to see. You can see your average daily reach, top pin impressions and much more. Go review what is available and figure out how regular review of this data will help you reach your ideal audience.

Another thing you may want to try is Pinterest carousel pins. I wouldn’t try these if you are just putting together your marketing strategy, but it’s good to try new things once in awhile. Give them a go and then review your analytics to see if they are a good fit.

Pinterest Strategy

In this article, we covered:

  • What you should consider when starting to build out your Pinterest Strategy
  • Go and claim your website
  • Looked at some automation tools to help you
  • Reviewed why it’s important to be consistent
  • Talked about analytics

If you got this far and you are just saying to yourself… this is too much for me to take in. Consider looking into Pinterest Audit Services or Pinterest Management. These services allow you to either short cut or let someone else do all the Pinterest work for you.

Want to learn more tips to help you run your business? Pop on over to our Facebook Page to get more tips on helping you grow your business.

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