For many small business owners, including bloggers, there is a constant need to drive traffic to your products and services. One of the biggest influences on traffic is typically Pinterest. So having an on-point Pinterest Marketing Strategy is super important. So important that every detail matters. One of the details often overlooked is the Pinterest board names you choose.

Having a Pinterest Board strategy for creating boards is essential, but you need to ensure your Pinterest Board names are set up correctly too. However, before we really dig into what this means to you, make sure your Pinterest Profile is optimized!

Why Pinterest Board Names are Important

Choose a board name that clearly reflects the content it holds. Remember, Pinterest is like a huge search engine, so optimizing your boards with relevant keywords is essential for getting discovered. And here’s a secret: your Pinterest boards can even show up on Google! So make sure to put some thought into naming your boards with important topics to increase their visibility. Let’s get your boards the attention they deserve!

How to Choose Pinterest Board Names to Drive Traffic

Discover the power of SEO – Search Engine Optimization – and unlock your content’s potential. Boost your rankings on Google and Pinterest, ensuring your content shines above the rest. Let search engines recognize your greatness and guide users straight to your doorstep. With SEO, be the answer to every search query and make your mark in the digital world.

Choose your Pinterest boards wisely when pinning your images. Search engines consider which boards your pin is connected to when determining its relevance to search queries. By pinning to boards that align with the desired criteria, you’ll boost your SEO mojo and attract more attention. So, make every pin count by selecting the right boards for maximum visibility and impact.

How to Determine Your Pinterest Board Names

You want to use something your ideal client is going to search for. Use keywords and terms to help you pick a name that makes sense. Additionally, you want your Pinterest board to be related to all the pins you will put on it.

Pinterest works similarly to Google and the more you can niche down your Pinterest boards and topics the more it will push your content into the keywords you are pinning about. When you pick cutesy names they may get a chuckle or two but in the long run, will hurt you because no one can find them.

Using Pinterest to Help

How to choose Pinterest Board Names to Drive Traffic - To start with your board name tells someone what kind of content is on the board. Additionally, Pinterest is really just a big search engine. Which means SEO is super important, so naming your boards with important topics makes them easier to be found. Lastly, Pinterest boards can rank on Google.

Pinterest gives you a bunch of tools to help you pick out the best board names. Unfortunately, they don’t make it easy to figure out how they can help you so let’s break it down for you!

  • Take advantage of the Pinterest search bar when trying to determine a good name. If you start typing in a topic, Pinterest helps you out by giving you lists of things people have searched for.
  • Explore the “Trending” section on Pinterest to see what’s popular at the moment. This can help you identify popular topics and keywords to incorporate into your board names.
  • Visit the profiles of Pinterest users who share similar interests or content as you. Check out their board names for inspiration.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different board names to see which ones attract more engagement and followers. Pinterest Analytics can help you track the performance of your boards.
  • Think about the interests and preferences of your target audience when choosing board names. What words or phrases would resonate with them?

Another thing: consider the length of your board titles/names. For example, if your topic is Direct Sales. You may have a board called just “Direct Sales” and then you may also have a board called “Direct Sales Engagement Ideas for Your Business Page”. If you then have a pin that fits into the latter, you can pin it to both boards boosting your pin.

Conclusion and Wrap-Up

First, if you aren’t already following me over on Pinterest, you really should be! Additionally, if you didn’t grab it before make sure you sign up to ensure your Pinterest Profile is optimized!

Second, Pinterest board names can influence how well a pin does on Pinterest. Make lots of boards, with easy-to-find and understand names. Make the most out of your SEO by ensuring your content starts on a board that will help boost it.

Now that you know how vital Pinterest board names are you should make a list of topics you want people to find your content with. These are your significant keywords and then narrow them down. Pick additional items and boards to complement and enhance getting found for these topics. Good Luck and Happy Pinning!

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