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Writing a newsletter for business is an important marketing tool. I am sure you have heard that you need an email list and that you should send out newsletters.

Ok, fine, but if you are like me, the next thought is – what the heck do I put in this magical newsletter? I get asked all the time, “What kind of content should I be sending out to my email list?” So here is a guideline of the things you need to think about if you are considering a newsletter for your business.

But WHY do I need it?

You need an email list because you own it. You can back it up and keep all those emails you have gathered should something happen. If you are relying on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or any other platform to do your business, then you are building that business on borrowed land. If that land gets ripped out from under you, how will you rebuild?

Email Provider

The first step in having an email list and writing newsletters includes picking a provider. There are many options to pick, so who is the best? Well like many things, that really depends on what you want. I really love Mailerlite and Flodesk, but Convertkit and MailChimp are solid performers too. Take a look at each one and pick the one you think will work best for you.

Many email services will give you a free trial period or are free up to a certain number of emails sent or subscribers on your list. You should look to ensure whatever services you use allows for segmentation and automation. These are important tools that will help free you up from endless manual follow up.

Set up a Welcome Sequence

Having a great welcome sequence is the secret sauce to your email list and the foundation for creating a great newsletter for business. If you get people on the list, you want them to get to know you. Following up on your own is hard. Take the hassle of this by creating a welcome sequence. Read more about how to create a killer email sequence.

Having your welcome sequence automated is great because once you start creating freebies or opt-ins to get people subscribed you can add them to the sequence. This lets them get to know you better, gives them an introduction to your services, and helps let you know if they want to hear from you or what they may be struggling with.

Create Stellar Content – Consistently

Yeah ok, we’ve all heard this too. Create consistent and high-quality content is a great thought, but what the heck does that mean. Obviously the things I write are all high-quality amazing pieces of artwork everyone should want to sign about right?!? Yeah, probably not…

A few quick tips to ensuring you have high-quality content are to make it actionable, focus on good headlines, and provide solutions to problems. That seems simple but it really isn’t. Business owners tend to either overthink this or not think about it at all. Be really conscious of what you are writing and what solution it provides your ideal client.

Your headline needs to pull them in, you want to give them a solution to some issue they are having, and then you want them to do something about it. Probably buy something, download something, or read something. No matter what you are leading them to – use those 3 things to combine into great content.

Whether you are writing blog posts, Facebook Page notes, or you just want to create content for your newsletter; make sure it’s content your ideal client is going to want to read. These posts should account for about 30% of your newsletter content.

Re-purpose some of Your Content

Use our 7 Newsletter for Business strategies to engage your email list - Learn how to create the perfect content mix.

Repurposing content actually goes both ways. You can either create the content for social media and then share it in your newsletter. Or you can create it for your newsletter and then share it on your Social Media sites.

I consider my newsletter a round-up of sorts, but I also typically announce all my new products and services there first. So if you are not yet on my email list then sign, up by entering your email into the sidebar to subscribe. You can also use your newsletter to create unique coupon codes or other incentives to get people to join your list too. Repurposed Social Media content should make up no more than about 20% of your newsletter.

I love to help you be more efficient in your business. That is how I ended up creating this free Newsletter outline to help you make writing newsletters easy and fast to save time. Grab it now!

Personal Stories

Creating a personal connection is one way your newsletter for business will be a success. People want to know others care about their issues, have overcome them, and will help them succeed. You accomplish all of these things by creating a personal connection through stories.

Let your audience know about your kids, the weather, your recent activities. Just don’t overdo it. Especially if your business is not geared towards children, weather, or travel. This details of this type of content should take up approximately 20% of your newsletter. Really good content writers will weave this throughout the email though and make you feel like the entire newsletter was a personal story and connection.

Promote a Freebie or Paid Product

Use our 7 Newsletter for Business strategies to engage your email list - Learn how to create the perfect content mix.

Ultimately the goal is to get sales. Having a newsletter for business is still a tool to use to get sales. However, using marketing throughout your newsletter sets you up to make a sale, don’t miss out on how these two work together.

Before you begin writing, make sure you know what you will be promoting. Is it a product, a blog post you want people to read, or a service you are offering? Try to weave the problem and how this item you are promoting will fix it throughout your newsletter.

Provide Advice from Experts

Providing additional advice from an expert whether, in the form of quotes, articles, recipes, etc is a great way to expand your content. It also provides you an opportunity if appropriate to use affiliate links. Just make sure you disclose them if you are using affiliate links in your newsletter for business.

Newsletter for Business Conclusion

Keep in mind that while these are suggestions, you don’t need to use them all at once. Experiment with your newsletter to ensure you are sending at an optimal time for open rates, subject lines, and click-throughs. Find what works for you and then keep doing it.

Your 7 steps to create great newsletters:

  1. Choose an Email Provider
  2. Set up Welcome Email Sequence
  3. Good Content
  4. Re-purpose
  5. Include Personal Stories
  6. Promote a Freebie or Paid product
  7. Provide advice from experts

Conclusion – Newsletter for Business

I hope you found this article helpful in writing your newsletter for business. Another tool that I use often in my business is Trello. Using this tool helps me stay organized and keep track of so many things. I invite you to try it out…

Do you want to start tracking your goals? I have got you covered! Get organized and know what you are working so hard for. Click the link to get your FREE Trello Template!

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