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So you created a lead magnet and now you need a great graphic to promote it. Let’s walk through an easy process to get your graphics looking professional and branded!

Before we get to far though let’s make sure you have some Pinterest Pin templates.

You Can Fast Track Your Lead Magnet With an Eye-Catching Mockup in Canva Without Risking Your Time Each Day 1

Do you struggle to maintain a consistent brand on Pinterest?

Want to ensure people recognize your Pins immediately?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then you need to be using consistent pin templates. 

Add a Background (If Desired)

Let’s jump right in and open Canva in your browser and select your image size.

This step is not always needed. Having a white background is totally fine. For this example, I used the paper background that is available in Canva. I like a little bit of a background to add in some extra texture to my images.

There are many different background options to pick. You can use anything you want. This can be important if you want to add branding colors.

Creating mockups with Canva
Set your background

Add in a Frame

The second step is to add in an element frame. There are many frames available within Canva that are ready for you to use. For this example, I used a PC monitor, but there are phones, laptops, books, etc.

Pick whichever frame you want and you can update the colors as you wish.

Mockup in Canva - Add in Frame
Add in your Photo Frame

Your options here are really limitless. If you want to get fancy you could also purchase some flat lay items that you could add into your graphics.

Ivory Mix is one of my favorite graphic stock sites and they have beautiful options. Creative Market is another site that has great deals on flat lay images.

Product Photo

The last step is to add a product photo or image to the frame. For this example, I used a screenshot of my computer. However, you could use a jpg or png of your Lead Magnet or opt-in.

Creating Mockups final product
Creating Mock up – final product
Creating Mockups in Canva
Creating Mockups in Canva

After you have your image in place, make any final font/color adjustments. Don’t forget about the Canva font effects that will help bring an extra bit of excitement to your final image.

Creating a Mockup in Canva

In this article, we talked about how you can go about creating a mockup in Canva.

If you are still on the fence about what to create or why you need an Opt-In, then you should check out this article.

You Can Fast Track Your Lead Magnet With an Eye-Catching Mockup in Canva Without Risking Your Time Each Day 2

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