Do you love Instagram? Or maybe you want to make the most of your Instagram profile? Frustrated you can’t list multiple links for Instagram in your profile? If you find yourself answering yes to any of these questions, search no further. I have found three very suitable solutions for you! Continue reading for ways that you can use three tools to make the most out of links for Instagram.

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Linktree is an easy to use, a basic online program that allows you to add multiple links for Instagram. You sign in with your Instagram profile.

LinkTree Links Example

If you want to move your links around so they are ordered different than how you add them you can! Simply click the three dots in the block column on the left-hand side and drag and drop them where you want.

You can then go into the account settings and change background colors by choosing a theme you link. There are 9 theme options to pick from for the free version of Linktree, and the options aren’t horrible so I don’t think it’s necessary to upgrade just for colors.

The above pictures show how your Linktree profile will look once you start adding links. Until you do that it will be blank. To add a new link/button, click on the green option to do so. From there you add what you want the button to say and the website you want. Click the slider bar on the right-hand side to enable that link to show up.

When you are all done, grab your linktree link above your mobile preview. It will look something like this: Preview it when you are done and you will end up with something like mine.

Links for Instagram - 3 Tools to Make It Easy 2

This website has many of the same options as Linktree, allowing you to have multiple links for Instagram. With one added benefit and what I consider a HUGE advantage. The ability to add pictures from your Instagram account! It has a super easy interface, and it allows you to customize many of the colors/boxes.

Once you sign in you will be displayed with your links. If you don’t have any yet click on Add New Link. A new box will pop up allowing you to customize your button and your destination link.

Links for Instagram - 3 Tools to Make It Easy 3

Again you can reorder your links by dragging and dropping them in the order you want. If you are going to add in your pictures, click on the photo option and it will display your most recent Instagram photos. Pick the one you want and voila! Once you are all done, grab your campsite link above your mobile preview. It will look something like this:

Landing Page

If you own a self-hosted website using a landing page will work wonders. You can use a page you have created and customized. Additionally, there is a great plugin you can use called Landing Page Cat, which is a free plugin.

Each landing page builder is going to have different directions, some of which you can customize more than others. Another program that lets you create a landing page if you don’t own your own website is called ShortStack.

Using a landing page is an excellent choice for creating links on Instagram, especially if you are looking to drive traffic back to your site. Here is an example of a landing page I built. Some email programs will allow you to create landing pages as well and might be utilized.

Links for Instagram

Links for Instagram - Easy to use tools to help you take advantage of the 1 link rule

As you can see there are many options that will allow you to maximize the one Link on Instagram that is available. Taking advantage of one of these or others on the market will help you steer people to you and get them where they want to be.

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Want to Maximize Instagram? Get your FREE worksheets and checklists to help you!

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