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January Holidays

We all love to throw in a few fun holidays when posting things around Social Media. However, make sure you don’t overwhelm your audience with too many of them. There are a few recommended holidays listed on the content calendar, but here are some others you can use if needed.

Get your January Content Calendar that will help you keep all your posts organized.
  • January 1st – New Year’s Day
  • January 3rd – Fruitcake Toss Day
  • January 4th – National Spaghetti Day
  • January 8th – National Bubble Bath Day
  • January 10th – Save the Eagles Day
  • January 13th – National Rubber Duckie Day
  • January 16th – National Nothing Day
  • January 17th – Martin Luther King Jr, Birthday Celebration
  • January 18th – Winnie the Pooh Day
  • January 19th – National Popcorn Day
  • January 20th – National Cheese Lover’s Day
  • January 23rd – National Handwriting Day
  • January 24th – National Compliment Day
  • January 27th – National Chocolate Cake Day
  • January 28th – National Have Fun at Work Day
  • January 29th – National Puzzle Day
  • January 31st – Inspire your Heart with Art Day

Of course, there are others, just ensure you don’t post some crazy holiday every day. Mix it up and ensure you are adding in a good mix of posts around your personality, family, tips, articles, and videos your audience will love to see.

January Content Calendar Suggestions

Get your January Content Calendar that will help you keep all your posts organized.

As you move through the month of January make sure you are considering your February and March content too. What can you do to tie your promotions to Valentine’s Day or Spring Cleaning? Are you marketing to these upcoming holidays or seasonal events?

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January Content Calendar

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