Do you have technophobia? So now you are probably asking, “Well, what is that?” It’s the fear of or extreme dislike of advanced technology.

In other words: Fear of technology typically dealing with computers or other seemingly complex devices. A lot of times, it just feels like it would be impossible to be a technology genius. After all, there is so much out there. Between devices, apps, internet providers, it can be a seemingly overwhelming task even to try and think about it.

I remember being in high school and taking my first class on how to type. It seemed so advanced since we now had computers and didn’t have to type out our papers on typewriters. Nowadays, it seems like kids know how to type better than I do while they are still in elementary school.

Easy ways to overcome your fear of technology

Don’t worry; there are ways for you to learn technology and not be completely overwhelmed. I am going to help you develop a few easy strategies to break down your fears.

Below are 5 Easy ways to get started in overcoming your fear of technology today.


It’s important to realize that technology is here to stay. Not only is technology integrated into our everyday lives, but it’s also always changing. That can undoubtedly seem overwhelming by itself, and feed your fear of technology. Let go of trying to keep up to date with everything. No one can do that. Instead, learn the basics of what you want to learn and let everything else go.

Read and share! Five (5) Super Easy ways to overcome your fear of technology. #directsales #smallbusiness #women #technology #techtip #technologytips

Determine what you want to learn

First, to overcome your initial fears, you need to make a list of what you want to learn.

Essentially you are setting goals! You can’t strategize on what or how to learn something if you aren’t sure what you are trying to learn. So go write it all down.

Do you want to learn how to download an app on your cell phone? Or set up chatbots to respond to customers? Both are things you can learn!

Start small

Read and share! Five (5) Super Easy ways to overcome your fear of technology. #directsales #smallbusiness #women #technology #techtip #technologytips

All big goals need to be broken down into small pieces. Breaking down your goals into small bite-sized pieces isn’t unique to technology.

Most people don’t start with an aim to lose 150 lbs even if that’s their end goal. They celebrate every pound lost or every 5 lbs lost. You need to do the same thing when you think about technology.

So if our goal is that you want to download an app on your cell phone, the first step would be identifying what you need to know to be successful at that goal.

Some of those things you may not know yet, but you probably can figure out the very first step. To be able to download a new app, first, you need to know what type of phone you have. If you want to set up a chatbot, you probably need a Facebook business page or to know what chatbot service you wish to use.

Figure out what you think that the first important thing is.

Find Training

Read and share! Five (5) Super Easy ways to overcome your fear of technology. #directsales #smallbusiness #women #technology #techtip #technologytips

The web is a plethora of information, and free pieces of training are no exception. Free classes are not always formal instructor-driven.

Locate some free training in today’s technology-driven world with a YouTube video. There is nothing wrong with embracing videos, articles, and asking others for help to overcome your fear of technology.

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Read and share! Five (5) Super Easy ways to overcome your fear of technology. #directsales #smallbusiness #women #technology #techtip #technologytips

There are a few ways to ensure accountability. Find a Facebook group about the topic you are stuck on and ask questions. Post and locate an accountability partner to help you learn something new.

Remember that list of things we wrote down earlier? Pull that back out and keep track of all the new stuff you are learning! Write more on the list of new ideas that come up! Trello is a great way to organize this list and it’s available on the go.

Trello is a free but powerful tool. I want to make getting organized and tracking your goals easy. To do that, I created a FREE Trello Template just for you! Click that link and get started on your path to organizational bliss.

Embracing Tech Conclusion

You have to want to learn, and then you will! Be so dedicated to yourself that you can’t have anything but positivity in your everyday interactions. BE YOU and be true to what you want to learn.

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