Every single day you get out of bed you have the opportunity to choose to be happy. You can choose not to be happy, but I am not sure why anyone would purposely decide to be unhappy. Now I wish we could be happy ALL the time, but reality says that just won’t happen.

Choose to Be Happy With These 5 Tips! 2

Staying positive all the time is impossible, but you can change your mindset to be more positive in your everyday interactions. Join our challenge to create a more positive YOU!

Below you will find some tips that will make you appreciate your day, your moment, and your life every single day if you just simply decide you are going to. When you choose to be happy, you will not only boost your self-confidence and your mindset but will help you know what you need in order to feel successful as well.


Choose to be happy with these 5 tips. Tips 1: Every single day when you get out of bed you have the opportunity to choose to be happy.

Being grateful for what we have and thinking about things in a positive light is important to your self-confidence. Too many times we get wrapped up in the what if’s of life. Yeah, what if I lived in a huge house (other than I better have a maid to clean it). What if I won the lottery and never had to worry about money again. Those are great pipe dreams, but probably unlikely to come true unless you are working towards them.

Everyone can be grateful for what they do have. You have the opportunity to choose to enjoy the things and people you have in your life. If you can’t be happy with the things and people in your life, look to make changes so you can.

Meaningful Relationships

Learn how to live a happy, confident life and choose to be happy no matter what!

Relationships go so much further than significant others. You can and should nurture meaningful relationships with parents, children, coworkers, in-person friends, and online people, etc. Find the people you want in your life because they help you, challenge you, and fulfill something inside of you.

Any relationship that is not meaningful should be approached as toxic and you need to limit your exposure. People who are happy know how to see those relationships, and are confident enough to avoid those people whenever possible. Find your inner happy place and be confident that sometimes you have to limit exposure to toxins to be happy.

Live in the Moment

When you choose to be happy, you will find that you choose to live in the moment. Everything you experience is relative to something else. Those super happy moments are only super happy because you went through something or some situation that was not. The lows in life are reminders that better things are coming.

You can not be grateful for what you have and be living in the past. Live for today, figure out what that means for your happiness and embrace it. When you choose to live in the moment you are choosing to be self-confident and true to yourself.


Learn how to live a happy, confident life and choose to be happy no matter what!

Adventures come in many forms. These are not always exotic sky diving trips, rope climbing, or scaling Mount Everest (although they could be). Most people will find the adventure in the everyday interactions you have with friends, or others in your life.

Choose to build that blanket fort with your kids. Take an extra bathroom break and stop to talk to someone while refilling your morning coffee. These adventures can be even more important than thrill-seeking extravaganzas. These are the adventures that help us appreciate each other, build relationships and set the foundations for you to choose to be happy.

Be Organized

It’s really hard to be happy and have self-confidence within ourselves if your living in a constant state of disorganization. Now I am not talking about cleaning (because girl… I hate cleaning). Being organized is about knowing where things are, how to locate new things, and maximizing your time management skills.

There are many tools to help you be organized. Check into things like Trello and Time Management Strategies to help you manage things more effectively. In your business develop strategies to help align goals with reality and always assess if things are working so you can adapt if they are not.


Choosing to be happy and finding your self-confidence is a daily choice. Bad things are going to happen, choosing to be happy regardless is a choice we each face every single day. I challenge you to find your happiness each and every day and come join me over on my Facebook Page.

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