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Do you struggle to make stunning graphics?

Feel like you are on an endless loop of using the same old thing?

Want to make your images POP and stop the scroll?

Canva has made this easier with its release of Canva Font Effects. Frankly, it’s about time. Not having basic font features was one of the reasons that PicMonkey is a favorite graphic tool for many. So what features did they release? Keeping reading and find out.

Check out the new Canva Font Effects


Canva Font Effects using the Neon Options

When you use the shadow effect you get to control the Offset, Direction, Blur, Transparency, and Color of the shadow.

This is probably the most awaited font feature yet! Shadows are here without having to do crazy things to get them!

Canva Font Effects - Lift


The lift font effect isn’t as exciting to me as the shadow and some of the other effects that have been released.

The only customization you can do with the Lift effect is intensity. This scores from 0 (which would be no effect) to 100. What is your take on this one? Do you think you would use this as a favorite of the Canva font effects?

How Using Canva Font Effects Will Make You Feel Like a Graphic Designer 1


Hollow is just what it sounds like, it hollows out the center of your font. When you use this effect you pick the Thickness of the hollow ranging from 0 to 100. The thicker (higher) you have the number selected the more filled in your font will be.

I think this effect looks the best with bold fonts, but it works okay on scripts too.

Canva Font Effects -Splice


This font effect combines the Shadow effect with the Hollow effect. It’s kind of neat in application and can really spruce up your fonts on graphics.

Due to the combination of effects you get to customize the Thickness, Offset, Direction, and color of the shadow. I think this looks neat with bold fonts and makes a pretty cool effect when used with bright colors and grey or black shadows.

Canva Font Effects - Echo


Echo effects are very similar to shadow and will probably be used the same way as Shadows. Really these two effects are very similar.

When using the Echo as one of your Canva Font Effects you can adjust the Offset, Direction and Color.

Canva Font Effects - Glitch


The glitch effect is another one that is very similar to another effect. This one is just like the Lift effect but not so “sprayed” out. Therefore ends up being more like the shadow effect.

When using this effect you get to pick Offset, Direction, and you are given two color options to use. This is limited based on your graphic and can be a limitation of the feature, but gives you good color distinction.

How Using Canva Font Effects Will Make You Feel Like a Graphic Designer 2


The Neon font effect is my favorite and I have quickly started using it in my blog post graphics. It’s a fun effect that combines some elements of the other effects together to give this cool look. It draws your eye to the bold, bright colors, and helps pop out those elements quick and easy.

When you use the Neon effect in Canva you get to pick out the intensity. Ranging on a numeral scale from 1 to 100 you determine how colored in you want the neon to be. The Pinterest image to the right shows the range of difference you can get using intensity.

Canva Font Effects

I hope you have enjoyed this article on the new Canva Font Effects and how to use them. I know finding these features made me feel more in control of my designs. I am sure you will feel more like a graphic designer and less of an imposture with your own neat new designs.

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