As a parent, I want my child to be successful. I want to teach her the skills needed to be amazing at anything she wants. This goal is very similar to what I want for my team of colleagues I lead at work. Let’s face it, raising children is hard. Raising them to be successful is even harder.

Meeting Sandy

In April, I had the pleasure and honor to meet and chat with Sandy Brantley at a bloggers retreat in Melbourne, Florida. Sandy shared with the attendees the story of her daughter Samantha who was being bullied at school. I immediately connected with this story. My daughter is currently 13, and we have been battling some of the same terrifying situations with bullies at her school.

Therefore, I was immediately interested in whatever Sandy had to say. What she ended up talking to us about that day, resonated with me on a spiritual level. I finally found the confidence to do something I had been considering for a long time to help my daughter. Change schools.

When I found out that Sandy had written a book about her situation and lessons learned, I could not wait to read it. Get the Duck out of My Pond goes on sale on June 17th, 2019 on Amazon. If you are a parent, coach, coworker, or ever work with teens, you need to rush out and get a copy, because it’s so good!

Get the Duck out of My Pond

Raising Children to be successful is hard. 
Sandy Brantley's new book Get the Duck out of My Pond will help you lay the foundation to assist you in raising children with life lessons for success.

Often as parents, we forget that to do the best at raising children to be successful, means we need to let them learn. Get the Duck out of My Pond gives us the foundation to build a plan of the skills necessary to enable our children to be successful on their own. As influencers to our children, we get so wrapped up in making things easy for them, we don’t realize we are hurting their future, their self-esteem, and their confidence.

Through real-life situations with her teenage daughter, Sandy, tell us how she came to the conclusion she was hurting her children more than helping them. While their stories and lessons throughout the book were through a Direct Sales company, you don’t have to start a business to do this. To help with raising children to be successful, you need to be intentional, and you need to want to help them.

Raising Children through Development

Children need to understand that personal development should be part of their goals. This crucial life skill helps you set yourself apart and creates a level of success by itself. Failing is part of the process. That means not stepping in for every situation to quickly fix things. Sometimes they just need to see what happens if they miss a deadline or can’t earn an incentive.

Get the Duck out of the Pond Conclusion

Sandy has included a list of topics within the book you should consider for both personal and business development. A list of rewards you can use for your teenager whether you run a business together or not. Additionally, she gives us 5 Tips to Better Public Speaking that I found useful and I give speeches all the time. These things alone are worth the price of this book but if you want more you should check out her website too.

Raising Children by Creating a Child / Parent Partnership

Sandy Brantley's new book Get the Duck out of My Pond will help you lay the foundation to assist you in raising children with life lessons for success.

Like most real partnerships, communication sets the foundation for developing an excellent child to parent relationship. If you are both unwilling to talk, demonstrate, or show each other what can be done to make your relationship better, you won’t grow together. Setting goals and celebrating successes will be additional ways you can begin down the path of raising children to be successful.

I loved this book for so many reasons. If you haven’t read it yet, you need to get it today.

After all, we need to be raising children by building their confidence and launching them successfully into adulthood. If you are searching for a community you can discuss real issues facing our children today consider joining Sandy’s community The Duck Pond.

There is so much more you can learn from this book, including commitment, forgiveness, courage, willingness to learn, Loyalty, and self-discipline. There are many more I could list, but I want you to read those stories for yourself. Go read the book, then come back and tell me what life lessons you learned and which ones you are going to take active steps to teach your children.

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