Do you have a new business? If so, congratulations!

It can be tough to get your brand off the ground. There are many branding mistakes that new business owners make when building their company, and this blog post will discuss 3 of them. We’ll also give some tips on how you can avoid these mistakes to save time and money for your company.

Don’t underestimate the power of a logo

It’s important not to underestimate the power of a good logo when it comes to branding your company – this is what people are going to associate with your company. Additionally, a strong color palette can have a huge effect on branding, especially when it comes down to logo design or website background.

When deciding what to use for your logo and colors, make sure you look at your overall strategy. Hiring a professional branding specialist may be necessary. This will impact branding as a whole and avoid confusion in the future with business branding that might be inconsistent.

When choosing your logo, decide if you want your business name included as part of that logo. If you haven’t settled on a business name that supports your goals, you may want to leave it off. If you’re looking for help to develop your logo or branding strategy, find someone who has the experience and specializes in branding new businesses or rebranding, depending on how long you have been in business.

Using a font that is hard to read or difficult to understand

Outlining the top 3 branding mistakes made by new business owners. We'll also give you tips to avoid making these mistakes so that your company has a greater chance of success.

It’s important to think about branding as a whole, how it will look and what it will say about your company. Fonts are no exception. Be careful with fonts; make sure they are easy to read and professional-looking. If you use more than one font, make sure they look good together and size together to make creating graphics easier.

The best way to succeed at branding is to do some research before jumping into anything. There are many free and inexpensive fonts across the internet. Picking the ones, you enjoy looking at and can easily be incorporated into all images will help.

If you will creating your own graphics you may want to check out these Canva Font tips.

Not relating your brand to your customers

Most people don’t consider how their overall brand relates to their audience. It’s important to know who you are branding for and make sure it aligns with what they care about. For example, if your branding is geared towards business owners, your branding needs to align with what they care about. Don’t make this branding mistake, or you will be encouraging the wrong audience.

Please don’t fall into the trap of branding for a specific audience without considering who your customers are or their feelings and demographics. This will lead to confusion down the road because no one can tell if it’s a good fit based on branding alone.

It’s important that how people feel when they see your brand matches how you want them to feel about it, so it doesn’t do more harm than good!

Business Branding Wrap Up

Avoiding these branding mistakes can save time and money by avoiding needing professional assistance later down the road such as design changes or rebranding efforts if things didn’t go well.

Are you ready to take your business from good to great? I am a coach/consultant for entrepreneurs and small businesses in their pursuit of success. There are no guarantees, but if you have the drive, we can work together on achieving big goals that seem unattainable all by ourselves. Let’s get started.

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