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I am sure that most people have been to a Facebook Party of some sort. Many in Direct sales host them regularly and so if you have a Facebook account you have likely been invited to at least one. Many parties don’t encourage enough engagement in order to be really successful. Let’s see what we can do about that.

Small Business parties are much more complicated than they used to be. In eras of long ago, all direct sales parties were done at home. If you wanted the goods, you hosted an in-home party, invited your besties, and had a party. That isn’t the case so much anymore. Nowadays almost every Direct Seller will give you an option to have a Facebook party but is it an AMAZING Facebook Party?

Here are 5 tips for having an AMAZING Facebook Party!

Nowadays almost every Direct Seller or Small Business owner will give you an option to have a Facebook party but is it an AMAZING Facebook Party?

Many small business owners who are not in Direct Sales overlook the possibility of Facebook parties. However, Facebook can be used as a universal tool for almost any business by hosting an event. Invite your friends, set up a series of posts around a theme, and boom! Party Time!

Tip #1: Set a specific time frame to post your content and make sure everyone knows ahead of time. This will help get them all online at this time to get all the information and maximize engagement.

Tip #2: Coach your hostess ahead of time. There are many things you should be coaching your hostess on. However, you don’t necessarily need a hostess to have a successful party. You may be the planner and host all in one.

Whoever fills that host role should fulfill a few duties. Make sure they personally invite everyone to the party and aren’t inviting everyone they know on Facebook. Secondly, they can make sure to engage and comment on party attendee’s comments.

Tip #3: Set the tone of the party ahead of time. Sometimes themed parties help with this and engage your audience by tailoring your party posts to things they would like. Find out if you have a bunch of moms or teachers joining. This allows you to customize your posts so they can realize the benefits of your products.

Tip #4: Sprinkle in Live/Video posts: People love to learn about you and the products you are selling. They love to see them live or through a video. Play a game, ask for questions… but add a couple of live or video party posts to help sprinkle in your personality and increase party engagement.

Nowadays almost every Direct Seller or Small Business owner will give you an option to have a Facebook party but is it an AMAZING Facebook Party?

Tip #5: Follow Up: Some guests will need a little extra help ordering. They may not order if you don’t follow up with them. In addition, if they did make a purchase wait a few days and contact them to see if they need anything extra or had any additional questions.

This helps you build relationships and encourages your brand so people are more likely to purchase from you again in the future.

Want More Tips?

I hope these tips will help you create that amazing customer experience. Making sure you have high engagement, lots of fun, and follow up with ensure that party left an impression.

Staying organized in your business is super important. Being organized while creating a Facebook party is no different. Find a scheduling tool to help you plan as many posts as you can.

Another tool that is super helpful for staying organized is Trello. I use Trello for almost everything I can make a list for. Parties are just one of those as I can draft what I want to post, the graphics and even easily change the order for one or more parties.

Another way I use Trello is to plan my goals and keep track of business resources.

Trello is a free but powerful tool. I want to make getting organized and tracking your goals easy. To do that, I created a FREE Trello Template just for you! Click that link and get started on your path to organizational bliss.

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