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Every business coach or mentor has an opinion on what is the most important tips for starting a business. Most of the time, those tips are solidly what helped them build their business. That makes those tips great leads, but not every tip works for every person.

Recently I asked a group of entrepreneurs what their #1 piece of advice was to someone just starting out. They came up with 8 overwhelmingly popular themes. Take a peek and apply the ones that will help you be more successful in your business vision.

Make a Plan

Every good business strategy starts with a plan. Within that bigger overall plan, there are then many smaller plans. Those plans help support your goals. Knowing and understanding why you are in business, who you serve, and what your value add is to those clients is the foundation of everything you are building. Make a plan, figure out your purpose, and then march forward.

Every business coach or mentor has an opinion on what is the most important tips for starting a business.

Find Your Voice

Be authentically yourself. No one says or does things quite the way you do and even if someone has talked about, taught about, or done it before; they are not you. If you come across as inauthentic you will have a really hard time finding people who are drawn to you and want to take your advice. Be you! No matter what that means, there are people who need what you have to say.

Understand that failure is part of the process

Failure is a hard pill to swallow. Failing is part of the process. If everything you ever touched turned to goals, you wouldn’t be as motivated to move forward. You absolutely can not have success without failure. You are going to experience little failures, big failures, maybe even business ending failures. Learn from them, pick yourself up and move forward.

Stay Focused and Don’t Give Up

Stay Focused and Don't Give Up - One of Eight tips for starting a business that everyone should read.

Building a business takes work. One of the best tips for starting a business is to stay focused and don’t give up. Starting a business is work. Work is hard, and sometimes you will fail. Stay focused on what you want and don’t give up your dreams.

Let those who are negative, unsure, or pulling you downshift your focus into why it’s even more important to build what you want for yourself. Getting into a mastermind or accountability group can help with both of these.


Another of the great tips for starting a business was being consistent. Use tools to help you build consistency into your strategies. Some of my favorites to use are Trello and Tailwind. These tools help you keep track of tasks, stay organized, and overall be more consistent with your design, strategy, and implementations.

Do you want to start tracking your goals? I have got you covered! Get organized and know what you are working so hard for. Click the link to get your FREE Trello Template!

Find Good Mentors - This is one of the 8 tips for starting a business that you should follow. #smallbusiness #businesstips

Find Good Mentors

There are a lot of people in business today. Bloggers, small business owners, direct sellers, they are out there. Find people you can look up to and review what they are doing. Reach out and see if they will mentor you, assist you, or coach you. Making sure you have people you can flip ideas off of or that can help you launch and promote products can be invaluable.

Network and Build Relationships

Having good mentors helps segway into networking and building relationships. Most people promote their businesses on Social Media, but they forget to be social on those channels. Go and talk to people, join groups and talk to your ideal clients. Answer their questions for free and guide them to your paid offers.


Mindset is a HUGE factor in success. The more you focus on the bad, the more you see the bad. The same is true for the positive so you need to ensure you are finding every single opportunity to celebrate. You will need to work on your mindset as much or more than your actual business.

Tips for Starting a Business Conclusion

There are lots of opinions and advice out there. Find the one method, person, or group that can help you be the best possible version of yourself.

Figuring out what tasks are actually priorities will help you manage your time most effectively. This is harder than it sounds. That is why I’ve created a workbook to help you figure this all out. Let’s get your actual business and life priorities straightened out.

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