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Saving time whenever we can is so crucial to maximizing our time management skills. That is why I got so excited when I discovered Trello Power-Ups. These little tidbits of goodness will change your Trello life.

Trello is a great tool, but if you are just getting started, I suggest you check out 5 Effective and Easy Ways to use Trello for Business to get started. Additionally, check out these Power-Ups that you can start using right away to save time.

Card Repeater

Card repeater is my absolute favorite Power-Up to use in Trello. Take those repeating tasks you do over and over again and have them automatically appear for you. Using this power-up is great for weekly, monthly, or yearly cards. I use this by creating a list of templates with the cards I want to repeat. It’s awesome for my weekly tasks and monthly checklists. It’s also great to use for birthday or anniversary lists, so you don’t forget any!

Trello power-ups can save you time. Read this article to figure out the best ones to use.

Board Export

There are times when I want to have a paper copy of my boards. For those times I like to use the Board Export power up. This lets you export the board into CSV, Excel and PDF formats. Board export does have a fee of $10 per user, so keep that in mind before you use this one.

Time Tracker by Time Camp

The Time Tracker by Time Camp allows you to track time and generate time reports on any of your cards. The ability to track time is great for those who need to use Trello power-ups for client tracking or for those with lots of projects.

Trello power-ups can save you time. Read this article to figure out the best ones to use.


Do you need a way to track customer relationships? Let me introduce you to Crmble. Crmble is a powerful and easy to use Trello power-up. It becomes a customer management system with customized fields, the ability to import, and allows you to see where in your funnel system you may be losing leads.


I picked this as one of my favorite Trello Power-ups because of the millions of ways you can use it. Zapier is super powerful on its own, allowing you to connect systems. Trello is just one of those systems. Examples of things you can do include: creating Trello cards from Google Sheets, creating cards from Gmail, and syncing Trello and Evernote.

Wrapping Up Trello Power-ups

I hope you find some time savings tips within these Trello Power-ups.

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